Supplying Australian honey powder to brands worldwide.

Replace refined sugar in your creation with our high quality, dehydrated honey powder and OEM products.

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Leaders in honey & fruit drying technology for producers of food and cosmetics.

Extend your product’s shelf life and nutritional value using honey powder, or creating a custom blend of dried fruits or superfoods.

Our values

We believe that honey powder is a healthier, more sustainable and more ethical product than refined cane sugar. Our aim is to make honey powder an accessible alternative for healthy food production worldwide.

Aside from the ethical benefits, honey powder tastes incredible. Sweet but with subtle floral notes and natural healing properties, you can give your product new depths of flavour, and proudly promote your ingredients.

  • “As a natural cosmetic and food manufacturer in Australia, we only purchase high-quality powder products sourcing from New Zealand and Australia. QGS makes its great effort to support our procurement team both in New Zealand and Australia. QGS technology and the service they deliver plays a key role in our success.”
    Bio Care Australia
    Natural Cosmetics Producer
  • QGS are our supply partner for Australian manuka honey powder, wild honey powder and other OEM products. Their flexibility and innovative approach has allowed us to expand our product range.
    Hon-E Haven
    Manuka Honey Powder Retailer

Exceptionally low humidity during drying (10% RH)

Our patented honey and fruit drying technology allows us to keep humidity levels incredibly low. This means your honey powder and products have a longer shelf life than ever.

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Flexible supply including production, packaging & OEM

We are a technology focussed company, working with brands to offer custom solutions. In addition to honey and fruit dehydration, we can assist with ingredient supplies, packaging and offer off the shelf OEM products.

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Manuka honey in purity from MGO 35+

We are one of the few honey powder suppliers offering manuka honey for commercial use.  Promote the powerful properties of manuka honey in your products.

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Worldwide shipping at competitive rates

Brands from all over the world use our honey powder products. Our shipping network allows us to safely deliver to your business from our facility in Australia.

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Create custom powder blends with ingredients of your choice

Our drying technology can be used with superfoods, berries, fruits and ingredients such as milk powder to create custom blends for your brand.

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