So you want to use honey in your product? Given its diverse benefits – taste, health benefits, antibacterial properties – it’s no wonder. It’s a natural and widely-used superfood. But it can be tricky to work with – it’s sticky, and has a distinct texture and consistency. 

Enter: honey powder. 

The versatility and the ease-of-use of honey powder makes it the ideal ingredient. Plus we know as a business, you’re always looking to make more sustainable, cost-effective, time-saving choices in the products you use – which is how we know honey powder is right for you. 

But first, let’s cover the honey powder basics so you can see why: 

What exactly is honey powder?

Honey powder is literally honey in powder form. Liquid honey is dehydrated until the moisture has evaporated. It’s then ground down to create a dry, pale powder that’s light and soft in texture. It’s mixed with maltodextrin, which is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat. Maltodextrin acts as a stabilizer to keep the honey powder fluffy and fresh.  

Where does honey powder come from?

There’s no deceiving here – our honey powder comes directly from honey derived from Australian bees. We use Australian honey that is sustainably sourced and we partner with local beekeepers to support local industry. 

We offer 3 types of honey powder:

  • Manuka honey powder
  • Organic honey powder
  • Wild / bush honey powder 

At Quality Global Supply, our unique and advanced dehydrating techniques mean that the maximum amount of nutrients and taste remains. 

Why use honey powder?

Honey powder, just to name a few, is:

  • Versatile  and easy to use 
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective
  • A healthier option 
  • Natural and can be sustainably sourced 

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How do you use honey powder?

Honey is a natural sweetener with it’s own health benefits, including containing antibacterial properties. Honey powder has the same properties and can be used in a number of ways: 

  • In cooking– the powder form is a lot more efficient than the liquid form 
  • As a natural sweetener– replace artificial sweeteners or be a substitute for sugar, particularly juices, teas, beers, whiskeys, energy and soft drinks
  • For antibacterial and skincare needs –skincare and beauty products, particularly natural products

What kinds of businesses are using honey powder?

Due to honey powder’s diversity and versatility, we partner with a range of brands across numerous industries:

  • Beekeepers – wanting to turn their honey into powder
  • Food and beverage services and suppliers – including bakers and artisan brands 
  • Beauty and skincare manufacturers – including moisturisers, baby products, skincare and soap manufacturers
  • Blended services – such as Superfood Blend supplements and protein shake brands 
  • Pet brands – including dog supplements 

Will it work for my product?

Get in touch with our team for recommendations and to chat about your needs – we can provide prices and give you options about how we can partner together.