The list of honey powder uses is as long as your arm, but a key one: natural preservative.  

Whether you’re currently shopping for ingredients, developing a product formula or making adjustments to an existing product, you may be looking for a preservative that: 

  • Extends your products shelf life (including shipping/travel)
  • Helps prevent or delay decay 
  • Reduces spoilage 
  • Retains the smell and/or taste

If so, honey powder is your guy – you can use it as a preservative for foods, drinks, superfood blends, cosmetics, and pet food (just to name a few). Honey powder is the ideal natural preservative – here’s why. 


Why is honey powder a great natural preservative? 

Due to the high concentration of natural sugar, honey powder acts as a dry, natural preservative. The natural sugars force the water out of contaminating yeasts and bacterias, drying them out so that they don’t spoil the food (also known as “osmosis”).

Throughout history, long before the creation of artificial ingredients, it was common practice to use honey as a preservative. 


What are the benefits of using honey powder?

While artificial preservatives can be a standard go-to, as the market continues to move towards more natural products and away from ‘artificial preservatives’, honey powder is an ideal choice. 

In particular, honey powder provides a safe alternative to controversial artificial and synthetic preservatives such as nitrates, parabens, and BHT. As consumers and customers take more notice of the ingredients in the products they buy, they want to choose products that are going to be best for their health, the environment and their families. 

Key benefits of honey powder as a preservative: 

  • Natural ingredient
  • Never ferments or goes bad (due to the natural sugars)
  • Dry and lightweight 
  • Light in colour (meaning it won’t change the colour of your product)


Products that use honey powder as a preservative

A wide range of products uses honey powder as a preservative, from cosmetics (both makeup and skincare), pet food, food and beverages – generally, any product that uses artificial preservatives can use honey powder as a preservative. 

For example, foods that work well with a honey powder preservative:

  • Candy and confectionery 
  • Dry cake and bread mixes
  • Sweet teas and sweet beverages  
  • Biscuits 
  • Breakfast cereals

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use honey powder for your business, please get in touch today.