Honey powder is a super-product. The wide range of benefits and uses make it one of the best choices when looking for high-quality, natural ingredients. And as society moves towards demanding more natural and sustainable products that are Australian-made, product ingredients are paramount. 

Luckily, honey powder meets all the right criteria.


The healthier choice

Honey powder is a great sugar and sweetener alternative. As a natural sugar, it has a lower glycemic index than regular white sugar. (The lower is it on the glycemic index, the better it is for your blood sugar levels.) 

Honey contains:

  • Antioxidants 
  • Vitamin B & C
  • Calcium
  • Zinc 
  • Magnesium 
  • Potassium
  • Plus a range of other vitamins and minerals

When it comes to turning honey into honey powder and keeping the taste and nutritional value, the processing techniques are crucial. At Quality Global Supply our advanced technology keeps the great taste and as much nutritional value as possible.


All the taste, none of the mess

Liquid honey is a tricky ingredient to use, and often doesn’t work as well as a direct substitute for sugar or sweeteners in most recipes as it changes the texture. It’s sticky and it crystallises – making it a struggle to get from a measuring cup into the bowl, as well as to clean up. Plus liquid honey browns easily and can make baked goods look completely burnt. 

Honey powder eliminates all those problems:

  • It’s dry and non-sticky making it easier to use, measure and cook with
  • Mess-free and easy to clean up
  • Doesn’t crystallise 
  • Has the similar ‘bulk’ texture, as well as the sweetness, of sugar BUT with more nutritional value 

It dissolves easily and adds the flavour of honey and, in most recipes, you can use it cup-for-cup for sugar. Plus honey powder doesn’t brown as much, resulting in that desired golden colour. 


Very versatile 

Honey powder, like honey, is a diverse and versatile ingredient. It can be used in anything from food, to cosmetics, to natural medicinal products that protect wounds and fight off infection. 

It’s main uses:

  • Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agent – particularly manuka honey (which is a type of honey powder we offer)
  • Skincare ingredient – including clear skin off dirt and dead skin cells, and defend against breakouts 
  • Baking – in breads, desserts and healthy snacks like nut bars and protein balls
  • Cooking – everything from an ingredient, to a dessert garnish or meat glaze 
  • Beverages – in teas, whiskeys, bourbons, fruit and soft drinks 

But don’t be limited by this list – looking to try to use honey powder in another way? Get in touch with us! 

Australian & sustainable

All our honey products are sustainably sourced and support Australian industries: 

  • Our manuka honey powder is a sustainable honey harvested by bees from manuka flowers in Australia
  • Our organic honey powder comes from working with Australian apiaries to produce organic honey powder 
  • Our wild and bush honey suppliers forage from sustainable source of wild flowers 

As honey powder is non-perishable, it has a long shelf life – meaning you can bulk buy and store it long term. It’s ability to preserve well adds to its sustainability as a product – you won’t be throwing it out because it’s gone off or the ants have gotten into it. 


Cost-effective choice

And lastly, but certainly not least, honey powder is one of the least expensive sweeteners to use in bulk. It’s accessible, efficient and reliable.

Manuka honey sits at a higher price point, and however the ability to bulk buy and store in long-term, makes it accessible and efficient to use. While other sweeteners aren’t so easily accessed or bought in bulk, due to world markets. 

Honey powder won’t break the bank making it a healthier, smarter, and cost-effective choice. Wins all round? We think so.