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Our honey and food drying technology creates bulk powders at the highest level of purity. Perfect to add to your recipes, cosmetics or brand and sell.

Discover the range of honey, fruits, roots, herbs and vegetable powders available. Plus our OEM products ready for your branding.

Honey Powder
  • Manuka Honey Powder

    Manuka Honey Powder (MGO 30+ to 300+)

    Sustainable honey harvested by bees from manuka flowers in Australia. Known for it’s almost magical healing and nutritional properties, our manuka honey powder is available at different purities (MGO) and in quantities of 5kg and upwards. Perfect to add to healthy foods or cosmetics with natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Available in MGO 30+, 70+, 115+, 200+ & other purities can be sourced on request. Individual bulk packages are either 5kg or 10kg.

  • Organic Honey Powder

    Australian Organic Honey Powder

    Working with Australian apiaries we produce organic honey powder using our patented dehydration technology. Our innovative approach retains unprecedented levels of purity, while creating a convenient product with a long shelf life, designed to effortlessly blend into your food or beauty product.

    Honey sources from specific flowers (such as acacia or pine) are available on request. Individual bulk packages are either 5kg or 10kg.

  • Wild / Bush Honey

    Wild / Bush Honey Powder

    Wild honey powder is created from an ever changing ecosystem of wild flowers. It’s exact taste and composition shifts slightly with the seasons and can add a unique and complex flavour.

    Our wild and bush honey suppliers forage from sustainable sources. Individual bulk packages are either 5kg or 10kg.

Other Food Powders
  • Fruits & Berries

    Fruit & Berry Powder

    Choose your favourite fruits, berries and superfoods, and create a fruit powder with exceptional purity. Our dehydration process makes it effortless to blend flavours and nutrients into a convenient powder form, giving your shakes, smoothies or other food product an explosion of goodness.

    A wide range of fruits, berries and superfoods are available. Individual bulk packages are either 5kg or 10kg.

  • Herbs & Roots

    Herb, Tea & Root Powder

    Looking to add something more aromatic?  We offer dehydrated and powdered herbs, teas and roots such as ginseng or ginger. Perfect for creating delicious and unique drinks, desserts and cosmetics.

    We offer a wide range of herbs, roots and teas. Individual bulk packages are either 5kg or 10kg.

Packaging Options
  • Pressed Losenges

    Pressed Honey & Fruit Powder Losenges

    Our compressed honey and fruit powder losenges have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, promoting good health and helping to soothe a sore throat.

    Losenges are sold pre-pressed in strips of 8. Custom blends are possible in most cases.  Samples are available on request.

  • Consumer Re-sealable Package

    Re-sealable Consumer Pouches

    Perfect for protein powders or smoothie blends, we can package your honey powder or powder mix into individual consumer re-sealable pouches.  Customise the pouches with your branding or choose from a range of sustainable materials.

    Flexible packaging options are available, with re-sealable pouches in a range of sizes. Contact us if you want to add your branding to the packaging.

  • Honey Powder Sachet Packs

    Individual Consumer Sachet Packs

    For consumers on the go we individually package your honey or fruit powder blend into a convenient sachet pack.  Choose the size and number of sachets per pack, and present your product in either a stylish box or sealable pouch.

    Individual sachets hold approximately 12g servings of powder.  Custom sizes are available on request.  Contact us for information regarding minimum order quantities.

Create a pure or blended powder from your own ingredients (OEM)

Looking to turn your honey or other foods into a powder? We offer a bring your own ingredients service, where you supply us with your honey or other foods and we use our patented dehydration technology to create a custom powder for you.

Add your branding to our packaging

We offer flexible customisation to all of our packaging options. You can create designs for both internal and external packaging, or work with us to create a custom box or pack from materials of your choice.

Scalable and reliable international shipping

Our HQ is in Australia, but we ship all over the world.  Our established logistics network allows us to provide fast and reliable shipping.  Get in touch and tell us about your shipping needs.

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