The short answer: Yes – honey powder is real honey. Honey powder is simply liquid (“real”) honey dehydrated. It maintains many of the key properties of honey including the sweet taste and aroma, and it’s health benefits and healing powers. 

The long answer? Keep reading. 

While honey powder is real honey, there are some differences between the two – the most obvious being the consistency: one is liquid and one is powder. 

“Real” Liquid Honey

QGS Honey Powder


Fine powder

Sticky and thick

Non-sticky, dry and light 

Deep golden colour

Light yellow-gold colour


Mixed with a stabilizer

As honey powder is made by dehydrating real honey until all the moisture has evaporated, there is a reduction in some of the nutritional value.  However, at Quality Global Supply, our unique drying technology preserves the highest levels of purity to ensure as many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as possible remain. The techniques we use also ensure our honey powder maintains a high quality taste and that natural honey sweetness. 

We’re also asked if honey powder is “pure” honey. Our honey powder is mixed with maltodextrin – a stabilizer made from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat – to give it a longer shelf life and maintain quality. This means there is an additional ingredient and extra process that isn’t involved when producing liquid honey–but it is still “pure honey” in the sense that no additional flavours or sweeteners are added, and it is all natural ingredients.

Though most importantly, when it comes to what makes liquid honey the superfood it is with its array of health benefits and healing powers, honey powder preserves all the key properties:

“Real” Liquid Honey

QGS Honey Powder

Sourced from beehives

Natural product

Natural sweet taste

Sweet aroma 

Nutritional value 


Vitamins & minerals (including vitamin B and C)

Amino acids





Natural humectant 

Our honey powder is real honey – it doesn’t maintain the exact same level of extensive health and antibacterial qualities as liquid honey, but it does preserve many of honey’s natural benefits. (And, keep in mind, that while honey powder has health benefits, sugar and artificial sweeteners do not.)

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