About us

We’re a technology focussed company working with food and cosmetics brands to provide an effective and scalable solution for products containing honey powder and other dehydrated ingredients.

Working to save the bees.

Did you know that bee population across the world are facing existential threat?  Working with sustainable and local beekeepers helps to protect populations and your entire local ecosystem of plants and animals.  Our aim is to supply honey powder as a tastier, kinder and more sustainable alternative to refined cane sugar.

What drives us

We’re deeply passionate about honey.  Aside from the delicious taste, there are three main reasons why we have made this magical and natural product the focus of our business.


At the core of our company is technological innovation.  We are world leaders in honey drying technology, offering a product of fantastic purity with a longer shelf life than alternatives.


We aim to support local bee populations, keeping our entire ecosystem healthy.  Bees are of huge importance for both plants and other animal species.


We are firm believers in the amazing healing powers and nutritional value of high quality honey.  That’s why we work the University of NSW collaborating in research studies.